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Up until around four months ago, I'd never even heard the phrase 'sleep sex' – well I know a few things about it now.

I'm Mina, thirty years old, no kids and have been married to the same man, Mike, for the last ten years. I don't work, I'd love to get a job but Mike likes to have me at home, I look after the house, do the shopping, go swimming and look after Mike. He works as a Financial Advisor, it can be pretty stressful. We used to have such a firm loving relationship, sex was never an issue, and it was fun and spontaneous. We would have weekends away just to spend the days in bed. These last few years and I was lucky if I got it once a month but I love Mike, he's a gentle man, my soul mate and so I put up with the lack of a sex life. Its not that we don't try – I have a closet full of sexy lingerie but still he loses his erection just at the vital moment. It was getting to the point that he wouldn't even touch me until that night four months ago.


Four Months Earlier

I heard the door of the bedroom open slowly. I turned, Mike was in the doorway.

"I'm sorry honey, did I wake you?" he sounded tired.

I eased myself higher on the bed "No, its okay, I wasn't asleep." I closed the book I had been reading and placed it on the bedside table. "Another hard day?"

"You wouldn't believe it, we lost another big client."

He looked shattered and much older than his thirty five years, his short brown hair just starting to go grey. He'd always looked after his body, but these last few months had taken it out of him, he was thinner now than he had been for many years. I watched as he stripped his office suit off and put on shorts and a t-shirt. "I'm going downstairs for a drink – you want anything?" I shook my head and watched as he left the room as quietly as he had entered it.

I lay for a few minutes in the darkness of the room. I wished there was something I could do to help him.

I was on the verge of sleep when Mike came to bed, it was just past midnight. I could smell the whiskey on his breath, the bed sagged as he lowered him self carefully down. I could tell he wasn't trying to wake me. And for the first time in our marriage, I felt like I was sleeping next to a stranger. Unbidden, a tear slipped silently down my cheek and I fell into an uneasy sleep.

I started to wake, I could feel pressure around my waist – my eyes shot open as I realised a hand was making its way up and under my nightgown, pinching and squeezing my skin as it went. I jumped as it landed firmly on my breast and started to knead and rub the sensitive skin. I turned to look at my husband who was lying directly beside me. I frowned, staring intently at him and instantly knew something wasn't right. His eyes were glassy; he was looking at me but not focussing. I leaned over and put the bedside lamp on.

"Mike." I tried to shake his hand off me, even as his fingers started to tweak and pull at my nipple. "Mike" I said again louder this time "What are you doing?" I still got no answer, just a glassy eyed stare. I'd had enough. "Get off me!"

This yell seemed to have an affect and quickly his hand moved. I watched fascinated as Mike turned back over and started to snore. I sat up, trying to understand what had just happened. Maybe it was like sleepwalking? Still puzzled, I turned over and went back to sleep never realising what was going to happen in the weeks to come.

The next morning I woke before Mike did. I was down in the kitchen having my second cup of coffee before he came down, dressed in his business suit and clutching his briefcase.

"What happened last night?" I said putting my coffee cup back down on the kitchen counter and glaring at him.

He froze in his tracks "I don't know, what happened last night?" he asked completely mystified by my question. A worried frown appeared above his dark brown eyes. "Are you okay?"

I knew then that he remembered none of his actions. This wasn't the right time to tell him that he'd nearly assaulted me in his sleep. "I'm sorry, its okay, you'd better get going or you'll be late."

"I'll see you later baby" and with a quick kiss to my cheek, he was gone.

I spent the better part of the shopping. It was late afternoon before I returned home. Mike wouldn't be home until the early evening, it was his golfing night. I hoped he would come back a little more relaxed. I ate a grilled chicken salad meal whilst watching television.

By ten pm I realised that Mike must have stopped for a drink after his game of golf. I was tired, bored and lonely. I had a shower and went to bed.

I woke slowly, feeling the hands that were gently rubbing my back, easing down to slip under my nightgown. I was lying on my side and without turning I knew it was Mike who was behind me, it was his hands that were kneading and massaging me. "Mike?" I said quietly. I got no answer. Carefully I turned over and onto my back, dislodging the hands. His face was only inches away from mine, and his eyes had the same glassy stare as the previous night. I knew then that he was still asleep. "Mike!" I said again gently. No response. One of his hands came back under my nightgown, then starting to move in idle little circles on the skin of my stomach. I could feel a delicious tingle starting in my pussy. It was so long since he'd touched me like this, I was desperate enough to take even this slight contact. Without realising it, I moaned.

His hand stopped moving. Disappointment flooded me like ice water. I started to turn away. Firm hands stopped my moving, hands that rapidly made their way straight to my panties, ripping them off before I could react. I lay there prone, hardly breathing as he threw the ruined panties on the floor.

Then he relaxed back down, leaning on one hand and using the other on me. Again the lazy circling of my stomach, he was staring intently as though he'd never seen my stomach before. He was sending me crazy, I wanted those fingers lower down! I brought my hand up, catching his hand and pushing it further down and into the trimmed hairs guarding my pussy. Long fingers started to thread through the short hairs, rubbing as if to feel the texture, I could feel the wetness starting to drip out and onto the hairs he was rubbing.

Then he felt the moisture, letting his index finger drift further downward, achingly close to my clit, I opened my legs slightly for him, I needed him to put out the fire that had started to smoulder deep within my pussy! Then I had my wish and with one thrust, his finger was inside of me. I moaned gently as he pushed deep within me, suddenly adding another finger. I could feel the wetness squishing around his fingers as he probed and twisted them. I looked into his face, there was a glimmer of a smile but his eyes were still glassy, he was still asleep.

I tried to lie there, afraid that any movement or noise from me would wake him and this exquisite torture would stop. And then it did stop, my mind screamed 'no, no' even as I was aware of him moving away from me and lying lower down on the bed. He lifted my leg, slipping his hand under it. I understood then what he was doing, he wanted to get deeper into me and found that he couldn't in the position we had been lying. I was amazed that he had realised this even in his sleep.

Then his fingers were back, plunging forcefully straight back into my dripping pussy. I bent my knee up, and let his fingers wreak havoc in my pussy. I glanced at his face, still glassy eyed, still fast asleep.

I couldn't stay still any longer, I reached above me for the wooden slatted headboard just above my head, holding onto the slats, and using them as leverage to stretch and arch my body. I felt his breath on my chest a second before his mouth fastened round my nipple. Sucking deeply and pulling it hard into his mouth, his fingers never once giving up on their frantic dancing in my pussy. I could feel his teeth on my nipple as he nipped and sucked. It was too much, I came so hard it hurt, my pussy walls clenching down on his fingers, my cum pouring out of me like water. Had he been awake, Mike would have stopped then but he wasn't awake, instead those fingers got added to and I had three in my throbbing pussy. I could feel another orgasm starting to build up as the fingers plunged into my sensitive flesh, his teeth nipping at my sore nipple. But I was scared that if I didn't stop him he was going to hurt me, I tried to pull his hand away from my pussy but he just increased the thrust. In desperation I cried "Mike, No!"

His mouth came off my breast almost as soon as the words left my mouth, his fingers pulled out and away. I lay there getting my breath back, my body calming down. Mike had already turned over and was still in a deep sleep.

I was stunned at what had happened and also a little guilty. I should have woken him up, it felt like I'd used him. But, a little voice echoed round in my head, I hadn't started it, he had.

I couldn't go back to sleep in the bed so instead went downstairs to make a drink of coffee and then watching television, I fell to sleep on the sofa until just before dawn, then waking and going back upstairs. Mike woke up just as I entered our bedroom.

"Morning" he smiled at me "you're up early!"

"I couldn't sleep."

On impulse, I climbed back into the bed with him, spooning behind him. He was warm. I rubbed up against his bum, there was still enough time for us to make love before he went to work. I wanted him to know that I needed him, I wanted him to need me. I brought my hand round to the front, rubbing and teasing his cock through his shorts. "What are you doing?" he asked softly.

"I want you Mike" I increased the pressure with my hand, rubbing over his cock and balls. Wanting, no needing to feel him go hard. Instead what I felt was his hand pulling mine off him.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, I have to be in the office early today, you know how much pressure I'm under!"

"But its early, we have time, don't you want me anymore Mike?"

"I'm sorry Mina, not this morning."

And with that he got out of bed to have his shower.

I lay there, as his side of the bed cooled down. Resentment flooded me. Mike might not want me when he was awake but he wasn't quite so unwilling while he was asleep. The guilt I'd been feeling was growing less by the second.

I waited until I heard the shower running, then went downstairs. I made fresh coffee for us. Mike came down minutes after me. He came to me straight away.

"I'm sorry Mina."

I tried to force a smile at him but he'd already turned to go. I was getting sick of hearing him say just how sorry he was.

On impulse I said "Mike, when you were a kid, did you ever sleepwalk?"

He hesitated for a second, his coffee cup hovering about an inch from his mouth "I did yes, but I eventually grew out of it......Why?"

I shrugged "No reason."

"I'm going to be late again tonight, we need to go over some figures at work," Mike said just as he was going out through the door.

I frowned, great – another day and night spent on my own!

The day actually progressed faster than I imagined. I needed to know what was going on with Mike so I decided to do a little online research. And it didn't take long for me to find the answers I was seeking. Some of it made for horrifying reading. What Mike was doing to me was known as 'sleep sex'. Many of the sufferers I read about had been childhood sleepwalkers, sleep sex could be brought on by stress or major changes in the sufferer's life and they weren't aware of what they were doing. All this fitted, Mike was stressed out.

But then I started to read some of the stories – Wives being raped, one woman being throttled in her sleep by her partner as he had sex with her. Or being forced into sex acts that they would never have consented to. Most hadn't been able to stop their partners. I stopped reading and switched the computer off. But I had been able to stop Mike, both times. But was this what I was going to have to face? Maybe being raped or beaten up by a husband who didn't know what he was doing? I hadn't actually been unwilling, I'd let him do what he wanted to me until I'd shouted 'no'. What would happen if I just tried to stop him, not with words but with actions?

Guilt started to gnaw at me like a cancer, I should tell Mike what was happening! But how would I word it – various thoughts came through my head 'honey, I don't want to worry you but you're having sex with me while you are asleep!' or 'do you know you are suffering from a condition called 'sleep sex'? I shook my head, no I'd wait maybe this would stop on its own.

I needed something to do, out of the house! I looked around the garden, yes a good tidy up would take my mind off Mike and our little problem. Three hours later and I'd weeded and pruned the garden to within an inch of its life. I stood back, sweaty and aching but proud of my neat little garden.

I brushed the dirt off my jeans and t shirt, I needed a long hot soak.

The water was hot, foamy and fragrant. I lay back and let the water sooth me. I usually loved my baths, it was where I took care of my needs, playing with my sensitive breasts and pussy with a soapy washcloth until I made myself come. I dragged the washcloth over my clit, using my fingers to tease my pussy through the rough cotton. After a few minutes of this play, I realised that I had too much on my mind to be able to make myself come. Reluctantly, I stood, pulled the plug and climbed out of the cooling water.

As I stepped from the bath, I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror, My hair was still the same chestnut brown it always had been, my waist still trim, small breasts but they suited my small figure – Why didn't Mike still want me?

The phone rang just as I was slipping into a clean T shirt and jeans.

"Hello" I said into the receiver.

"Hi, baby."

I smiled into the receiver, Mike.

"Listen, honey – I'm sorry but that late night just got a little later......I've got to wine and dine a potential client tonight, I think he's going to be a tough nut to crack so it could be a long night – it's going to be a case of 'don't wait up for me'.

"Its okay Mike, I understand." I said, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"I love you baby!"

"Love you too Mike, bye."

I hung up the receiver and stood staring at the phone for a few seconds – And for the first time, I wondered if Mike might be having an affair.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I turned the television off, midnight and Mike hadn't returned. I'd flicked through the channels and couldn't remember one thing I'd watched. The word 'affair' kept working its way through my mind. I was too tired to wait up for him any longer, but I dreaded being asleep when he eventually came in. As the day had wore on, the stories I'd read online came back to haunt me.

I lay in bed listening for the sound of a car, I presumed that Mike would have left his car at the office and took a taxi, so he would come back by taxi. One-thirty and I finally heard the sound of an engine, then Mike's keys in the front door. I could hear him staggering about, I got out of bed. Mike was slowly making his way up the stairs, hanging onto the banister rail with both hands. He was drunk and he stank of whatever he had been drinking. He gave me a lopsided grin before stripping his clothes off and throwing himself on the bed. I stood looking down at him, I wouldn't sleep next to him smelling like he did. Grabbing my pillow from the bed, I decided to go and sleep on the sofa in the living room downstairs.

Two hours later, and I'd just managed to fall asleep on the uncomfortable sofa when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone walking down the stairs. I sat up to listen more closely, it had to be Mike but he didn't sound drunk! The door to the living room opened. "Mike" I said to the figure stood in the doorway.

I scrambled to put the table lamp on but it was too late. In just two easy strides, Mike had cleared the living room floor and was stood next to me. I stood up, hesitating – Mike hadn't said a word, all he was doing was staring at me. I looked down realising that he was naked, his cock semi-hard and just starting to jut from its little nest of dark hair. I swallowed nervously, it had been quite a while since I'd seen him even close to being hard.

"Mike, wake up!" I said gently. He still didn't say a word, just carried on staring at me. I lay my hand lightly on his arm, rubbing it "Come on Mike, back to bed."

Suddenly my hand was clasped firmly in his. I tried to pull away but his grip tightened, not hard enough to hurt but I couldn't pull my hand from his. I stepped back and away from him. I knew I should just shout and wake him up there and then before I got hurt. Then it was too late. One easy movement and Mike had pulled me closer and around so he was behind me. His one hand still held mine, I struggled against the restraining hand with no effect. I froze as I felt his head close to mine, rubbing against the back of my head, mussing up my hair, I heard him breathe deeply, taking in the scent of the shampoo I'd used earlier in the day. It was a gesture so strange, so out of character for him that I instantly felt a buzz starting in the bottom of my stomach. My mind fought against it, I couldn't let myself be turned on, this was like being with a stranger. My resolve withered as Mike moved the hair off the back of my neck with his free hand and started to gently kiss and nuzzle the skin on the side of my neck.

Slowly, he edged me back until we were by the sofa once more, one push and I landed on it, sprawling quickly onto my knees, determined to crawl away from him if I had to. My determination didn't last too long, in a second he was behind me, letting go of my hand then both his hands were on my back, rubbing through the thin cotton nightgown. He pressed me forward with strong hands, trying to manoeuvre me into leaning over the arm of the sofa, I struggled briefly until those same strong hands slipped under my nightgown and started teasing the flesh of my back, his mouth again finding the side of my neck. I turned into a quivering, turned on and very wet wreck.

I eagerly let him press me down into the side of the sofa, pulling up my nightgown so his mouth could work magic over the skin of my back and even lifting my hips as he pulled down my panties then moaning as he fondled and pulled my breasts and nipples. I glanced at Mike's face, still glassy eyed. I should have felt guilty but I didn't.

Then any thoughts I might have been having were gone as he entered me in one swift movement. I whimpered as his cock plunged into my willing pussy. He kept me in place with one hand on the small of my back, the other hand twisting into the hair at my neck, effectively pulling my head back. Even this wasn't like Mike, he was usually such a gentle lover, this Mike was daring and forceful. I started to whimper, I could feel him getting deeper with each thrust, and with each thrust I was being forced higher and higher towards my climax. I held onto the edge of the arm of the sofa, bracing myself for each sensation filled plunge, seconds later I came screaming into the plush upholstery.

Mike grunted and shuddered behind me and I felt the hot flood of his seed fill me up. "Mike!" I managed to groan "let me go!"

Then his hands dropped away from me and I felt his weight move. I pulled my nightgown down and looked behind me. Mike was on the other end of the sofa, eyes closed, snoring slightly and fast asleep.

Shaking my head, I left him there and struggled upstairs on weakened legs to clean myself up and crawl into bed.

I was instantly awake, something cold and clammy had wedged itself up against my back, my mind screamed 'no, not again'. "I'm sorry honey but I'm freezing!" Mike's voice quivered against chattering teeth "and you are so warm!" I smiled in relief and rubbed back against him.
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"Why are you so cold?" I asked, I already knew the answer because I'd left him downstairs naked and asleep on the sofa but I wanted to know what he remembered.

"I must have gone downstairs in the night, I was asleep in the living room, naked – I got icicles where no man should have icicles!"

I turned and smiled at him as his hands snaked around my waist, just holding, nothing else. It felt nice. "I love you Mike" I said simply "now go back to sleep, it's too early to get up, and you still smell of drink!"

He laughed quietly "I'm sorry I got back so late but it was worth it, I got the client."

"I'm really pleased for you Mike, now sleep!"

Then he hesitated for a second "You don't mind me just holding you? Nothing else?"

"Go back to sleep honey" I said. Sex with Mike was the last thing on my mind!

We slept until late in the morning, I was still entwined with Mike. "Morning sleepyhead" he murmured rubbing his lips over my shoulder. Then he quietly slipped out of bed, a second later I heard the shower running.

I smiled to myself, usually I would feel rejected but I knew that on some level Mike still wanted me. He obviously knew nothing of what he was doing to me as he slept. And for me it was like taking a lover but not cheating. The sleeping Mike's lovemaking was so different from 'my Mike' that it did feel like I was doing it with another man but I wasn't the one who was starting these encounters. I was getting some of the best sex of my life, it wasn't my fault if Mike couldn't remember it.

I waited until Mike had gone for his usual round of Saturday golf, I knew he would be gone for at least 3 or 4 hours. His briefcase still sat next to the front door where he had dropped it the night before. Quickly I carried it into the kitchen, setting it down on the kitchen counter. It only took me a few minutes to go through it, I found nothing that led me to believe that he was having an affair. Then I felt guilty for even looking for proof.

And so for the last four months, things have been pretty much the same. Mike goes to work, has late business lunches and nights out, I stay at home, look after the house, do the shopping, go swimming twice a week – Everything much the same except that I have sex two or three times a week, fantastic sex, with a man who looks like my husband but is pretty much a stranger.

Oh, there is one thing different, I did go to my friendly, elderly doctor who prescribed sleeping tablets for me when I told him of my insomnia. Pretty strong they are too, one is enough to knock Mike out for the night. He always wakes up the next morning not knowing why he feels so refreshed.
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