Pictures of Underboob pen challenge

Pictures of Underboob pen challenge

Pictures of Underboob pen challenge – From the condom challenge, to the ice bucket, to the cinnamon challenge, there’s always a new craze, always a new project for people to try their hand at. Usually all the internet challenges until now are useless and ridiculous. Some people also referred these challenges as stupid and stated that this shows how dumb we actually are. Fortunately now we have a new one “Underboob pen challenge”. The new internet sensation these days and the first one of 2016 is “Underboob pen challenge”. The name sums it all up as girls are asked to hold any thing with support of their under-boob to prove themselves. Just like ice-bucket challenge people who took this challenge are nominating others as well. It seems ridiculously stupid but yet successful as people can get to see some underboob and how can they be unhappy with that.


The challenge is not restricted to just hold a pen under your boob but it can be anything like a makeup brush, a lighter. However pen has been the top choice so far in underboob pen challenge.
Internet is full of crazy stuff and any stupid meaningless idea can go viral in moments. Lets wait and watch how far this new internet challenge can go.

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